Foot Massage for Michelle

Foot Massage for Michelle

Lance Hart n Michelle are hanging out, and Lance is really horny. Michelle just wants a foot massage. She gives him one foot 2 massage n puts the other foot on his cock n balls. When she isn’t pleased with his massage she puts more pressure on his balls. She starts 2 make him kiss her pantyhose covered foot, still applying pressure to his cock n balls…. Then she flips over 2 tease him with her sexy ass while he massages, still with one foot where it counts…. He’s dieing horny, and willing 2 put up with the torment cause he thinks he might actually get laid. She makes him stick his face right in her ass while she pushes harder on his balls… She stands him up and knees him in the balls a few times, making him strip down… Michelle grabs his balls n drags him around a little, then makes sits back down on the couch. She decides 2 be nice and give him a handjob, but she smacks n squeezes his balls the whole time… “I have a great idea, right when u are cumming, I am going 2 squeeze your balls really hard… now kiss my foot” She holds his balls with a grip in one hand and jerks him off with the other while she tells him to massage her foot better until he cums. While he’s cumming she squeezes even harder, then she stands up, knees him in his sore balls n walks away….

Keywords: Femdom, Foot Fetish, Ballbusting, Footjob, Handjob

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