Foxy Newswomens Bitch (1080 HD)

Foxy Newswomens Bitch (1080 HD)

This lackey applied for the job of a gopher at extreme right-wing conservative TV channel Foxy News. He was the only male applicant. The executive producer (Goddess Bella) thought it would be hilarious to hire him as the gopher 4 all the women on the set because he actually admitted during his interview to being a left-wing liberal! But he also admitted that he was a HUGE fan of one of the most beautiful anchorwomen on TV – Goddess Rodea. He not only said he would overlook his own political beliefs to work for her at Foxy news, but he even offered to work for free just to be around her! So Goddess Bella introduces him to his new bosses on set – and they have a field day with him. (Behind his back, Exec Producer Bella even tells beautiful Anchorwoman Rodea to TRY to treat this bleeding heart liberal so badly that he quits! They all think it will be funny to abuse himand they actually make a GAME out of it to see how much he will actually take n TRY to make him quit!)The cocky, arrogant, beautiful newswomen mock him to his face, make him fetch their coffee, shine their shoes with his TONGUE, massage their feet, and verbally insult n degrade him the entire time. (They even demand that he votes the way THEY tell him to from now on!) Then when they see how pathetic he is really willing to be for Anchorwoman Rodea, they start to get REALLY abusive toward him.

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom, Rodea, Bella, Shoe Fetish, Foot Lickind, Footworship, Financial Domination, Findom, Shoeslicking, Humiliation

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