From Now On We Only Fuck This Way

From Now On We Only Fuck This Way

JC Simpson n Lance have been seeing each other, and JC has been having fun abusing his balls and fucking him with strap-ons. The clip starts with them snuggling up. She’s wearing sexy sch00l girl costume, white pantyhose n mary janes.

Lance tells JC that he’s dyeing 2 fuck her, but she only wants to fuck him with a strap-on. She thinks that he actually secretly likes it, so she makes him a deal: If she can get him to cum while she’s fucking his ass with her big purple dick, then that’s the only way they’re going 2 fck from now on. Lance doesn’t think she’ll ever get him off that way, so he’s game, because he’s dyeing 4 her pussy.

Before JC has her way with him, she wants to get off with her Hitachi magic wand. What Lance doesn’t know is that she wants 2 straddle him, so the really strong vibrator is bouncing on his sensitive balls while she gets off. She’s been kicking him in the balls 4 fun since they’ve been dating, and now every time she even touches them with that super strong vibrator, it his balls. She’s teasing him with her pussy, gyrating her hips on top of him while she hurting his balls, and she’s getting of at the same time.

(JC had to lean back n give herself a real orgasm during the filming of this clip. She’s giving his balls a break during this part, but we left it in the clip because we figured, who wouldn’t wanna see sexy JC really getting herself off)

Keywords: Femdom, Tease n Denial, CBT, Strap-On Talk, Strap-On, Cruel Girlfriend, Masterbation, Sch00l Girl, White Pantyhose, Pigtails, Coercion

Part 1: Free
337 mb
9 min

Part 2:

From Now On We Only Fuck This Way

Now JC has Lance on his back. She’s convinced that she can fuck him so hard he cums. They have a deal, that if she makes him cum on him self, then from now on, this will be the only way they fuck…

JC really rails his ass in this clip. She grabs his legs and totally has her way with him. She makes him stroke his dick while she does it.

She pulls up her shirt and lets him feel her perky tits while she fucks him. Half way through, he starts to beg her for more, and before he knows it, he’s begging her to stop because he doesn’t want to cum all over him self….

She even makes him lick a little bit of his own cum off her finger and pounds his ass a little more before she’s done with him…

239 mb
6 min

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