Fuck by HER Rules

Fuck by HER Rules

Roxanne Rae is laying on a bed in a leotard wiggling her sexy ass. U walk up to her and put your hard cock in her face. She looks up at u with her big eyes n smiles.

“Okay I guess I’ll suck your cock…”

After teasing your hard cock with her tongue 4 a little bit, she looks at u n says,

“Let’s play a little game. I’ll let u stick your cock in my pussy, but we are going 2 play by MY RULES…

I am thinking of a number… that’s how many times u can slide your cock in and out of my pussy. If u cum before u are number is up… good 4 u… if u go over my number, I am going 2 destroy your balls :)”

She strips off her leotard, and asks if u`re sure u want 2 play her game. U slide your cock in her pussy. She looks like she is enjoying it, but she has a mischevious look in eye as she reminds u that your number might cum up any second. U can’t help but keep sliding your cock in and out of her wet pussy. U try 2 go slow so u don’t go over your number, and she giggles while u struggle.

Your number cums up. She smiles big, and tells u it’s over. U didn’t get 2 cum. Instead u have 2 spread your legs n watch her laugh while she places her pretty feet on your balls and starts 2 crush them against u…

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