Fuck the Pol1ce with Dava Foxx

Fuck the Pol1ce with Dava Foxx

Dava F0xx is an evil villainess. She has a police man bound n hanging from the ceiling in her lair. He is brave at 1st, but has no chance at resisting her powers of seduction n cruel sadistic ways…

She struts around him in her sexy high cut lycra one piece, latex thigh high boots n fishnets. Her huge perfect tits are bursting out of her outfit. Dava can do whatever she wants with her captive. Mostly she just wants 2 fck with his head.

Dava has the pol1ce man thinking she wants him 2 talk. She just wants to get his balls as full and blue as possible, so it’s more fun 2 slap n squeeze them. She is a extremely talented at working a cock with her hands. She strokes him 2 a raging boner, just 2 stop right when he’s on the edge of exploding n slapping or squeezing his balls each time.

Dava mentioned that he will probably be ending up in her electric chair, which ominously sits behind them…

The villainess Dava F0xx returns to her captured pol1ce man, who is still hanging from the ceiling. Now she has him slightly bent over a leather bondage horse and she is wearing a big strap-on cock.

She teases him from behind at 1st. He begs her not 2 violate him, but she just coos n smiles. Once she slides her nice strap-on cock inside him and starts fucking, he is lost in her spell and starts begging 4 more.

Dava fucks him from behind 4 a while, then gets him on his back. She makes him spread his legs like a whore while she fucks him. Once she is convinced that he has completely submitted 2 her, she kisses him n leaves him. For now…

The villainess Dava F0xx stands with a smile next 2 her new sex slave, a captive police officer. He is strapped up in an electric chair with his cock exposed.

“Maybe I’ll let u come this time…” Dava says as she teases his cock n quickly gets him erect. The pol1ce man doesn’t even care that he’s connected 2 an electric chair, or what his fate is. He just wants 2 cum after everything she’s put him through.

Dava loves that she has him completely under her spell. She straddles him and strokes his cock. “U know I might just switch this chair on after u cum…”

She feeds him his pre-cum when edging him. He tries 2 cum, but she has complete control over his entire body. She drags it out as long as possible. Dava finally lets him blow his load on himself, then reminds him that he is in her electric chair. He begs her 2 fck him again and not turn the chair one yet. She leaves him strapped in 2 make her decision.

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