Get Fucked 4 Your Freedom

Get Fucked 4 Your Freedom

Bailey returns 2 Lance. Now she is wearing shiny tights, knee high socks, sneakers and pig tails. And a strapon dildo. She waives Lance’s chastity keys in his face n tells him that he can finally get released today… after she fucks his ass as hard as she wants… She shoves some dirty, frilly panties in his mouth n tells him that they have 2 stay in his mouth while he gets fucked, or else he won’t be released…

Once he is flipped on his stomach n re-bound to the bed, she drives her thick, hard, purple strapon cock into his ass.

Bailey fucks him hard n fast, slow and deep, sweet n mean. She fucks him 4 seven minutes straight until he’s seeing blurry. She makes him try 2 beg 4 me with his mouth stuffed full of her dirty panties, then finally tells him he can be free.

2 be continued…

Keywords: Strapon, Pegging, Shiny Pantyhose, Knee High Socks, Sneakers, Hard Fucking, Bondage, Panties, Femdom, Free

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