Get It In Deeper

Get It In Deeper

So I`m hanging out around Mean Girl Man0r and I had 2 go 2 the bathroom. (Of course, someone was filming it because even when I take a Sh*tt its a big deal LOL.) When I am done, I walk out to the living room n there is my stupid slave right where I left it- like the robot that it is. So I lay down, snap my fingers, and command it to get 2 cleaning my ass. After all, who needs to use toilet paper or even TOUCH themselves back there when u have subhuman slaves to literally LICK u clean at the snap of your fingers?? And we know that they are so pathetic that they probably actually ENJOY licking the sh*tt out of Our asses anyway LOL. (Yuk!)

So I just lay down n check my texts while I get my ass licked clean. But I want it REALLY clean. I want it cleaned BETTER than toilet paper- I want that Mistress bung-hole cleaned out on the INSIDE too! So I change positions and get up on the couch n yank on the slaves leash to put it in position. I keep checking my texts, of course- because it is like just second nature 4 a woman as hot as me to have her ass licked clean by inferior people. :)

But the asshole STILL isn’t getting in DEEP enough 4 me!! So I put it into the ultimate ass-cleaning position- bent over backwards n face UP! Now I can just lower myself full-weight onto its stupid face n spread my cheeks nice n wide and NOW I finally feel that tongue getting in their NICE n DEEP 4 me!! I mean, it literally felt like this idiot was licking my colon clean! Haha! I didn’t care if he was having problems breathing under my enormous, round booty. Its a SLAVE- who cares about ITS need?? LOL. And isnt it LUCKY just 2 be down there? I mean, u all probably WISH u could taste what I had 4 lunch like this, huh? Pathetic but useful! :)

Mistress Nina

Keywords: Face sitting, Female Domination, Toilet Slavery, Assworship, Toilet Humiliation, Femdom

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