Giantess Nurse (part 1)

Giantess Nurse (part1)

U`re An incredibly sexy nurse looking after a patient. U explain he might have a rare virus that means every time he cums he shrinks n u want 2 find out if he really does… U cross your legs giving him a brief glimpse up your short skirt. U reach down (out of shot) and smile at the size of his rock hard cock. U begin 2 move your arm up & down (either out of shot or on a big dildo, giving him a handjob) U lick your lips n make encouraging noises until after only a short time u laugh as the poor man has cum all over your hand! hand. U stare amazed as immediately he shrinks. “Oh my God I never saw anyone shrink before!” U pick up a clipboard that has his height on it. “5 foot 5? I don’t think so….” U cross out the number and write, “I think u are about 5 feet exactly now. That’s very very short. I’ll leave someone else 2 clean up this mess!

Keywords: Femdom POV, Nurse Play, Gloves, Humiliation

139 mb
7 min

Part 2

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