Giantess Nurse (part 2)

Giantess Nurse (part 2)

U turn up at the short man’s house after he has been sent home, telling him u have the cure 4 his shrinking problem. U hand him some pills n a drink but u won’t leave until u know it’s worked. But instead of sending him away 2 masturbate in private u encourage him 2 do so in front of u. After all, what pictures will be as good as her, standing before him, large as life? U drive him wild with your sexy body in an incredible outfit until he cums all over himself. Immediately u laugh as he shrinks again! It wasn’t a cure at all, it is your revenge because the hospital sacked u after he complained about u shrinking him. U pull out the chart again n change his height 2 just Four feet tall. U tell him u hope he can control himself n not masturbate thinking about u. Or maybe he will have a wet dream about u n he will shrink even more! U leave him 2 panic about just that.

Keywords: Femdom POV, Giantess, Fetish, Humiliation, Teasing, Free

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8 min

Part 1

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