Giggling Ballbusters in Yoga Pants Part 2

Giggling Ballbusters in Yoga Pants Part 2

Roxanne is holding Lance up from behind by his neck n his cock. She jerks his dick while Veronica bounces in front of him with her big tits n knees him in the nuts over n over. Roxanne made a bet with Veronica that she could get him 2 cum one last time before his balls are useless.

Veronica wants 2 see if it’s possible, so she knees him over n over, but also teases Lance by shoving his face in her big tits, and grinding her ass against his cock in between knees…

Roxanne gets down on her knees, looks up at Lance with her big pretty eyes while she milks his cock n tells him he better decide quick: One last orgasm n have his balls destroyed or lose his cock as well. He cums all over Veronica’s yoga pants while the girls giggle, then Veronica knees him one last time n the girls leave him on the couch in agony…

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