Giggling Ballbusters in Yoga Pants

Giggling Ballbusters in Yoga Pants

Roxanne Rae n Veronica are looking hot as fuck in their tight black leggings / yoga pants. They want to play a game with Lance. The game is simple, they are going to take turns brutally kicking n kneeing him in the balls while the other hold him. The want 2 know if they can actually destroy his balls that way.

They are amazed at how big of a pervert Lance is, having a raging hard on no matter how hard they kick or knee him. They giggle n humiliate him 4 being their bitch. Roxanne makes him beg 4 harder kicks n knees as she smashes his nuts in while Veronica just gets more turned on…

After about 5 minutes of hard ball abuse, Lance crumples down on the ground and the sexy girls make a bet. Roxanne thinks she can make him cum one last time before his balls are useless. Veronica doesn’t believe her, but thinks it’s a fun idea 2 try…

Veronica makes Lance worship Roxanne’s perfect 19 year old ass before they stand him up 2 see if they can make him cum while kneeing him in the nuts…

to be continued…

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Yoga Pants, Leggings, Big Tits, Bouncing Tits, Giggling, Humiliation, Hard Kicks, Hard Knees, Teasing

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