Give ur balls to Star 9

Give ur balls to Star 9

U already have ur cock out… Star 9 is beautiful n wearing a sexy high cut teddy n fishnets n high heels

Star loves 2 toy with men. She knows u`re horny, hopeless, and are going 2 jerk off until u cum. She makes a devious deal with u.

Star knows that u jerk off too much. She makes fun of u 4 being a pervert, and offers a solution. u would be better off without your balls… She knows u have a problem. u jerk off too much, and she wants to help u…

As she gets u more n more horny, and u get closer to cumming, u she mentions some of the terrible ways u are going 2 lose your balls with a smile on her face. She talks about how much better u will be as a ball-less eunuch. Can u keep from cumming to save ur balls, or will u willingly let her take them?

Keywords: Femdom POV, CBT, Masturbation Instruction, Fishnets, Teddy, High Heels, Emasculation Talk, Free

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