Goddess Alexandra Snow – Super Cum Puddle

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Super Cum Puddle

Another one of my AWESOME supervillian videos from my original ideas in a one of kind latex spiked suit from Dawnamatrix. You, the amazing Spiderman, have been on the hunt for your precious city’s latest menance. When u follow the leads, you find yourself in a lush penthouse with a beautiful woman dressed in shiny black latex. She purrs in greeting, “Look what we have here? A little spider.. did u think you were clever? I led you here.” She dares you to try to stop her as she listens to your superhero spiel about truth and justice. While you are talking, u are unaware of the room filling with a peculiar scent. Your spidey sense never went off! Your eyes roll back in your head as you feel fuzzy and light-headed, weak to defend yourself. She laughs, “are u feeling weak, little spider? Or should I say, Mr. Parker? You don’t stand a chance. The same chemicals that cause delirium n hallucinations also cause orgasms. It’s now running through your body. I am going to drain you dry of your manhood and leave you in a little puddle.” A little cum puddle in that spandex suit. This is a crazy hot video that you’ll love!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom POV, Latex, Rubber, Goddess Alexandra Snow, Alexandra Snow, POV, Super Villain, Dirty Talk, Masturbation Instruction, Jerk Off Instruction

307 mb
13 min

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