Goddess Germs

Goddess Germs

So I go in to see Goddess Nina because we`re supposed 2 be filming together today. But I find out she is SICK! (This is totally real btw- Nina really was sick this day! So we decided to make a clip out of it. lol) Anyways, u can hear me talking 2 her from behind the camera and I explain to her that one of the BEST ways 2 get rid of a cold is to GIVE IT TO SOMEONE ELSE! And who could u POSSIBLY do something like that 2 and not even feel bad about it? A SLAVE! :)

So I call in a slave n Nina like totally does everything she can to give it her “Goddess germs”. (The slave should be fucking GRATEFUL, we figure!) She sneezes on it, coughs right in its face, picks her nose n wipes her boogers on its tongue, SPITS big loogies right into its mouth, and even cleans out the snot from inside her nostrils n tosses the used pieces of tissue into the slave’s open mouth like it is her personal trashcan! The slave is ordered 2 swallow them of course.

And by the end of this clip, she said she really WAS feeling much better!

Empress Jennifer

Keywords: Femdom, Spitting, Sneezing, Coughing Fetish

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