Goddess Isabel: I Love To Fuck Your Brain – Mindfucking Addicts

Goddess Isabel: I Love To Fuck Your Brain – Mindfucking Addicts

I know that you cant live without me loser. I`m your Goddess, your addiction. I know that youre an addict, you buy all of my clips, you obsess over all of my pictures. You stare at my curves, focusing on every move that I make. I know that Im inside your brain, loser. And I love to fuck your little brain. Because youre so weak. Look at how perfect I`m, stare and let your addiction grow like a seed Ive planted in your mind.

Stroke your cock for me as I fuck your little brain with my ass and my words. Feel me crawling around in your empty head as u stare at my perfection. Start to follow my voice, look into my eyes, and get lost. Worship me, obey me, serve me and lick my heels, lol. You`re under my control you fucking asshole. And you love it. You love 2 be fucked in the head.

Keep stroking your cock for your perfect Goddess as you worship every single inch of my perfection. U are such a weak loser its so easy for me to fuck your brain. I want to live inside your little mind. I know that I`m everything to you, your addiction, your life. I`ll be the first thing that you think of every morning when you awaken. Feel me planting that seed now, it will never go away, it will only grow. Worship me loser as I tease you with my perfect body.

You love me so much, Im your addiction, and I dont even know you. U are just some nameless, faceless zombie who cant stop jerking to me, who cant stop listening to my voice. You`re falling deeper under my control. You cant live without me. Your life would be so empty without me.

Stroke your cock n show me your love for me. Tell me that you love me while you jerk it. I want to fuck your mind forever. I want to live inside your brain. Cmon loser let me fuck your brain while you stroke your cock 4 me.

Goddess Isabel

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