Goddess Jasmine – 3 Day Cure to Ballbusting

Goddess Jasmine - 3 Day Cure to Ballbusting

Ball Busting session ever since it found out I want going to be in its city for a week. It crawls in and quickly begins to beg for it, Kiss My boots n begs some more. It really wants it, the more it begs the harder it gets LOL. After a few HARD kicks it begins to wimper and begs for me to help it. Yes it begins 2 beg for me to help CURE its BALLBUSTING ADDICTION. I giggle n Play around with it, are you sure, Is it Hard for you to have a NORMAL life with this little addiction LOL hmm come here Worship My Big Beautiful Ass (KICK) Worship My beautiful tits (KICKED IN THE BALLS HARDER) LOL Im like a cat playing with its mice before the. I love Ballbusting and I love watching my Fempets Grovel at my boots and when one asks to be cured it makes me giggle inside. There is No cure for your Addiction but Sure Im always Up to “HELP” LOL Knowing that its taken the week off just for me Ive come up with an awesome plan to “CURE” it. I gave it a few Hard kicks to the Ballsbefore I agreed to take it on as My Special little Ballbust project, for the Next three Days it will stay at my hotel room and I will excise my methods of “Therapy” to cure it and Record them Im so excited! Cant say the same for the slave its still in Pain. Stay tuned this is going to be Painful to watch but just know your Goddess is always here for you LOL.

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