Good Morning Caning (HD)

Good Morning Caning (HD)

#1 CLIP in category CANING!

The same painful procedure every morning for this slave: A hard caning. 365 days a year, without any exceptions. What a poor boy and what a cruel lady.

It is Mistress Cloe, who appears upstairs, already dressed 4 her shopping trip, ready to turn men’s heads. Cloe wears skinny jeans n expensive stiletto heels, combined with a short n tight jacket. Her hair is styled and her make up is perfect. She has a cane in her leather gloved hands. “Good morning, slave! How was your night?”, the mean bitch ask with a smile. She knows that he was chains 2 the stairs the whole night, not able to lay down n sleep.

Her stiletto heels make a dominant sound as she walks down the stairs. She tells him that it’s time 4 his daily whipping but that doesn’t surprise him. And so the cruel scene starts. A hard caning for the slave from a lady who gets more n more aroused with every single stroke…

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Sado-Ladies, Caning, Jeans Fetish, Mistress, Cloe, High Heels, Mistress Cloe, Glove Fetish, Gloves, Jeans

428 mb
7 min

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