Grappling Girls Curvy 5

Grappling Girls Curvy 5

Virgo shows us how dangerous her booty can be. She almost suffocates poor Andy with facesitting we had 2 stop filming since Andy had no way 2 tap and one of his arms went limp. This is actually a rematch where Andy begged us 4 a second shot against Virgo. He told the booty girl that he had been training and this time it would be more competitive but Virgo told him right off the bat that he cannot overcome the power of the Booty. Although there are some scissors in this video, Virgo shows us all that her booty can be used effectively 2 subdue an opponent. She tells Andy that she has defeated over 100 men using facesitting and if u look carefully, she has three types of facesits: First is where she facesits n crosses her ankles underneath her victim and the second one is where she facesits n hooks the victims arms so he cannot even tapout, and the third is where she sits n jiggles her butt cheeks which renders the victim dizzy. Other holds include Bodycissors, Headscissors and Reverse headscissors but the highlights of this v1deo are the various facesitting. Highly recommended 4 Curvy fans!!!

Keywords: Femdom, Facesitting, Wrestling, Scissor

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