Growth Ray

Growth Ray

I enter the laboratory. I`m feeling tense this morning. I have a meeting with the Congressmen, Generals, Businessmen, and other investors in just Five minutes! I know that we have no real proof that the our Gamma Growth Ray works, and I have 2 somehow convince them to invest more money into our project. This is my fourth meeting with them, and they are getting restless.

I see my colleagues working away, the test doll inside the machine still, and I ask them with much annoyance, “Is anything changed with that goddamned doll?!” They tell me that they will need another month, and they are certain they will have the proof they are looking 4. In desperation, I crank up the machine, flip the radiation levels on high, push the doll as close to the beam as I can. I look at the doll, no change.

I enter in to the auditorium 2 give the Presentation. I try to show them the numerical date that the Scientists have gathered during the last month, the progress chart, and I`m interrupted by the General. ”I did not think this project was feasible from the start n only agreed 2 it under pressure from others. Now, if u dont have any concrete progress 2 show us, I think we can end this meeting right now. I think it is time to pull the plug on this project there is no point in throwing more money good money after bad.” I attempt to stammer an explanation, but my blouse starts 2 grow tighter, my skirt inching up my legs.. I`m growing!

The men are astonished! They think that I have used myself as the example, and they look at my three inch height growth in amazement. “uhh.. yeah, that was absolutely what I meant to do.” I laugh nervously. I ask my colleague, “just what in the hell is going on here?!” He explains that I stood in the ray of the Growth ray when I held the doll up 2 the beam.

I`m called back with a flurry of questions. I start to grow even more! My silk chiffon sleeves inch up my arms. I stand before them, a nervous test subject. The General asks, “didnt u tell us that this technology would be able to grow anything? Why did u grow a couple sizes bigger but your clothes didnt?

My colleague interrupts & explains, “t appears that living organic matter grows at a different rate than inorganic matter, and that different types of materials grow at different rates.” My under clothes and my slip are staying in tact, but yet my skirt n top are gradually tearing off of me! **RIIIPP! RIIPP!**

I call 4 my assistant to bring a lab jacket so that I can cover myself. My skirt n my top might rip right off of me completely. I excuse myself while I go put on a “more appropriate size” of dress. The door is locked! The general waves the key in front of me teasingly. They have spent millions on our project and they are wanting to see RESULTS!

I`m in a panic. I know that the laboratory is right next door. I am so tall at 15 feet high, almost touching the ceiling, I could probably burst right through the wall without harming myself. I test the theory, and SUCCESS! I dust off the dry wall dust off my face, shoulders, and to my surprise – the men are following me through the hole in the wall! They aren’t gentlemen at all, these monsters want 2 see me nude!

I beg my colleague to use the shrink ray on me! “HURRY!” I threaten him with his job, he’ll never work in this town again! The General takes over n pushes the “GROWTH” ray button! I start to grow even more! This time my lingerie starts to give out. The satin ribbon in my corset loosens. The lace on my slip tears. My bra starts to tear. I clutch myself to try 2 preserve my modesty n dignity. I grow right through the ceiling of the building!

I`m a combination of horrified & furious! I see a News Crew reporting down the street, and they spot me! They try to interview me, asking me “if I come in peace.” I explain that this is just an experiment gone wrong.

My colleague is hastily setting up the shrink ray in a nearby tall building. He aims it at me, and **ZAP!** He hit the wrong button! I grow even more, ripping my clothing until I`m nude! The News Crew is rolling LIVE. The men can see my most intimate feminine secrets, and I`m horrified.

I`m a nude giantess, an exhibition! 2014

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom POV, Giantess, Dirty Talk, Free

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