Harley’s 1st Ballbust

Harley's 1st Ballbust

Harley is my “Amazon” friend that is a dancer at a local club. She is BEAUTIFUL but she is a true GLAMAZON! She is almost 6 feet tall and weighs 150 pounds of muscle! I thought it would be AWESOME 2 bring her 2 Mean Girl Manor 2 abuse some slaves with me as my “muscle”. ;) (Since I`m kind of on the “petite” side- although I can be BRUTAL 4 my size!) :) And Harley loved it because she has a bit of a mean streak in her and has been having a bad week with the asshole male customers she has 2 deal with at the club anyway…
So I gave Harley a slave 2 kick as hard as she wanted right in the nuts. We made it jerk off for us like the pervs that she deals with at work- and then we just KICKED it in the nuts whenever we felt like it as punishment 4 being sucha perv! Haha. (It must be a total mindfuck to try 2 jerk off to two hot girl while they kick you in the nuts the entire time? LOL) Anyways, Harley was shocked that the loser was actually able 2 keep his fucking HARDON the whole time no matter how hard we kicked it! LOL! I bragged that it is just really well trained- and completely PATHETIC. (Or we are just THAT hot?? Haha)
So we totally had some fun at this loser’s expense. (Or the expense of his BALLS lol.)

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