Having My Feet Worshiped in My Back Yard! [Ella Kross]

Having My Feet Worshiped in My Back Yard! [Ella Kross]

Soaking up some sun in my back yard, I summon a slave and he quickly comes crawling on his hands n knees. When I instruct him to kiss my shoes, he wastes no time doing as told like a good slave. Next I make him lick my shoes clean, reminding him that it’s the only way he’ll be able to taste my perfect bare feet. He immediately gets to work polishing my white high-heels with his mouth, and when I am satisfied with the job he’s done I finally allow him to take them off. I demand that he sniff my naked feet before letting him run his tongue over them, then have him suck each of my adorable toes one by one. He hungrily mouths my feet, eager to please me by acting as my foot slave for the afternoon. “Try harder!” I scold when I feel he’s not doing a good enough job, and rub my feet into his face while smiling in cruel delight. Do you think u could worship my pretty feet better than this jerk?

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