Heels Jammed In Your Ass!

Heels Jammed In Your Ass!

Me and Princess Selma are trying 2 figure out what else we can do to our human “plaything” to REALLY humiliate n debase him- purely 4 OUR entertainment! (Because we can literally do ANYTHING we want to him! Haha!) So we decide 2 get creative…

We take a set of rubber dildos n ATTACH THEM TO MY HEELS! Then I proceed to literally RAM THEM UP THE LOSER’S ASS! HAHA!! (After making him “lube them up” with his MOUTH, of course!) Oh, n btw, this particular slave HATES this “ass stuff” n is afraid it “makes him gay” that we`re doing this to him LOL! So basically that makes us just want to do it MORE 2 him then! And Selma totally gets off on watching him being humiliated n even mocks him in his face while I do it.

So pretty soon I am just ramming that sh11tt up in there as deep as I can get me heel up in there. Like I am pumping a gas pedal or something LOL. And the bitch is like making all of pathetic, weird grunting noises as I experiment with bigger n BIGGER dildos. (“Squeal like a P1GG, bitch!”) Selma can’t believe how mean I`m 2 slaves LOL.

– Dommes Raven

Keywords: Femdom, Strap-On, High Heels, Humiliation

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