Her New Opera Gown

Her New Opera Gown

She warns him 2 have him castrated 4 staring on her open breasts. Scared of this n her rude treatment he is not able 2 get a hard on anymore. She wears one of these evening gowns which reveal everything… 4 the last time his bollocks get a real bad treatment. She squeeze n beat them like hell, Kick them full force… Left n right, taking advantage of a gown with two long slits.

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom, BallChicks, Ball Kicking, Ball Slapping, Ballbusting, CBT, Inessa, Lady Inessa, Emasculation, Ball Squeezing

280 mb
7 min

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2 thoughts on “Her New Opera Gown

  1. Hello, Garry!
    When asked if there was no possibility of sending the original video without changes “watermarked” I didn’t mean to criticize your posts. Because many times you answered my requests for clips. I understand that you have adopted is practice because in other forums people are posting your files. Even with the practice adopted by you the same has taken place.

    1. Hello, Mike.

      “Even with the practice adopted by you the same has taken place.”

      And it will happen, but now they make me advertising, and conscientious users will thank me, and not a thief per work. At least I hope so.

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