Homework Slave Punishment

Homework Slave Punishment

Princess Cindi has turned one of her many “admirers” from sch00l literally into a slave 4 her. She thinks he is pathetic and would never date him, but she knows he will literally do anything 4 her- so now she just keeps him as her personal homework slave so she never has 2 do any work again. She keeps him locked away in a cupboard 24/7 so her mom doesn’t even knows he is there. (His parents think he just ran away from home.) Cindi pulls her slave out of its cupboard by his leash. She treats him like he is less than human now. He is truly like a possession 2 her now. He was in there working on one of Cindi’s homework papers.

Cindi is PISSED because she just got a text from her boyfriend and the asshole homework slave got her boyfriend a “B” on one of the papers that she made her slave write 4 him! The slave gets verbally berated by Cindi. And he has a ball-shocker permanently attached 2 his balls now to help “motivate” him 2 do her homework 4 Cindi, all her friends, her boyfriend, or even people that pay HER 2 make her homework slave do THEIR papers 4 them! (It is getting quite lucrative 4 Cindi- which is why she attached the ball-shocker 2 make him work harder 4 her.) She shocks the sh11tt out of the slave for getting her boyfriend a “B”! (How can her n her BF get into an Ivy League sch00l together if their slave isn’t writing all “A” papers 4 them!!)

Cindi explains 2 the slave that his life is over. THIS is his life now! Living in her cupboard, doing her homework and writing her papers! And She will be using him throughout college too. AND she wants BOTH her N her BF to get PHDs using him- without doing ANY of the work! They will just party the whole time. To make sure he “gets it”, she makes him grovel at her feet n shower them with kisses, expressing that she is his SUPERIOR and OWNER and she can use him 4 WHATEVER SHE WANTS. He is lucky 2 even be around her and especially 2 actually LIVE with her like this!

Cindi even thinks it might be funny 2 figure out a way to connect the asshole’s ballshocker 2 the internet so it could by controlled by her n her man via their smartphones! Then they could shock it from wherever they might be. even while they relax on the beach! The shocks are getting higher n higher- approaching “15” now because Cindi wants 2 make sure this loser completely fears her- so Cindi takes her shoes off and shoves her gorgeous, sweaty feet DEEP into her slave’s throat 2 muffle his screams because his balls are being fried now. and she doesn’t want her momm 2 hear!

Eventually, once Cindi feels this pathetic piece of sh11tt has learned its place in life and will get her and her BF all “A”s from now on- she just casually Cindi throws him back “into his hole” and tells him 2 “get back 2 work!” Then she goes off to have a romantic date with her stud boyfriend while the loser works!

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