Honey Im Selling Your Balls Part 1

Honey Im Selling Your Balls Part 1

JC Simpson n her hubby Brent are hard up for cash, mostly because he doesn’t work and she does. Unfortunately 4 Brent, JC found out that she could actually get a lot of money 4 his balls if she sells them overseas. They bigger n more swollen they are, the more money she gets, but they have 2 be fully drained of cum.

Brent does not like this plan one bit, but JC easily overpowers him n starts tenderizing his nuts with her feet. She needs them 2 totally fill up with cum before she drains them, just 2 make sure she gets it all out, so she’s teasing him as much as possible with her perfect body as well.

After a lot of brutal grinding with her feet, she leaves him so she can change into something that turns him on more 4 phase two.

To be continued….

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, CBT, Teasing, Leggings, Emasculation Fetish, Scissor, Free

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