Honey Im Selling Your Balls

Honey Im Selling Your Balls

JC Simpson n her hubby Brent are hard up 4 cash, mostly because he doesn’t work and she does. Unfortunately 4 Brent, JC found out that she could actually get a lot of money for his balls if she sells them overseas. They bigger and more swollen they are, the more money she gets, but they have to be fully drained of cum.

Brent does not like this plan one bit, but JC easily overpowers him and starts tenderizing his nuts with her feet. She needs them 2 totally fill up with cum before she drains them, just to make sure she gets it all out, so she’s teasing him as much as possible with her perfect body as well.

After a lot of brutal grinding with her feet, she leaves him so she can change into something that turns him on more 4 phase two.

JC changed into one of Brent’s favorite outfits: a tight mini dress with black pantyhose n high heels. She’s hell bent on getting his balls as full of cum as possible before they are drained n removed. She teases him in all kinds of dirty ways, mixing in a lot of kicks, knees n stomps.

She talks about selling his balls, turning him on, and says things like “Oh, did that hurt” right after devastating kicks n knees…

She leaves him in agony while she goes to change again, it’s time 4 phase 3.

Time has passed, now Brent is tied up to the wall naked. JC is wearing his favorite school girl outfit with white pantyhose n striped leggings of them. She still is on her mission at hand: 2 get his balls as full as possible, swell them up with lots of ballbusting, then Nut him and sell his balls on the black market… but while he’s tied up she might as well have some fun with him…

She slaps his sunburned chest, pinches his nipples, pretends like she’s going 2 suck his cock then stands up and knees him. She kicks n knees his balls while she’s grinding on him, keeping it as sexy as possible.

JC goes back and forth from sweet to evil like a champion in this clip. She lubes up his cock, strokes it just to get him hard so she can hurt his balls even harder. (There’s a little cock slapping in there as well) She keeps him right on the edge until she leaves him 2 ponder about being Nutted while she changes one last time…

JC has put on a Leotard over her white pantyhose n striped leggings. The time has come. Brent’s balls are swollen and full, now all she has 2 do is drain them. She gives him one last long mean handjob, which plenty of cock n ball abuse, then after he cums, she ruins his orgasm by continuing 2 milk his d1ck harder than before, and knees him a few times.

After we wrapped this clip, Brent was on the ground. It hurt really bad, apparently.

Keywords: Femdom, Emasculation Fetish, Pantyhose, Leotard, Ballbusting, Mean Handjob, Teasing, Ruined Orgasm, Leggings, Tease And Denial, Humiliation, Female Domination

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