Hot Lesbians Break His Balls For Fun

Hot Lesbians Break His Balls For Fun

Rene Phoenix n Alice brought some loser home from the club. He thinks he’s about to have a hot threesome, but as it turns out, they are just a couple of really hot and sadistic lesbians who enjoy abusing n destroying men’s balls.

The keep him on the edge of being turned on as they kick, knee, slap n squeeze is about to be destroyed nuts because they like 2 toy with him.

Rene n Alice leave Lance in agony on the couch. They have more plans 4 him…

They come back 2 torment the loser they brought home from the club again. They make it clear they they only need each other 2 get off, and destroying his balls is their entertainment 4 the night.

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Young Mistress

756 mb
21 min

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