Hot Little Student Part 2

Hot Little Student Part 2

Olivia is back 4 another lesson, and this time, she wants 2 learn more about grappling. Derek begins to explain 2 her that after the last lesson, it took his balls a few days 2 heal, so he asks her not to hurt him like that anymore…

Olivia picks up on the grappling techniques surprisingly fast, and has Derek in a few compromising positions. Before he knows it, he’s powerless over her, and she’s slapping, punching, and kicking him in the nuts, but now there’s nothing he can do about it.

After a lot of abuse, Olivia straddles his face with her sexy crouch (that looks amazing in spandex) and tells him that she actually likes him, and wants him 2 take her out 4 dinner. Not having much choice in the matter (although she does strangely turn him on) he agrees 2 take her on a date.

2 be continued…

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Grappling, Spandex, Leggings, Bare Feet

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