How 2 Please a Woman Part 2

How 2 Please a Woman Part 2

Ashley returns 2 Lance who still has a vibrator going on full blast to his cock and balls. She is wearing lingerie, a big strapon, and is carrying a large container of anal lube…

“I am going 2 teach u how 2 fck!”

Ashley makes him strip, then puts him against the wall and rails his ass. At 1st he squirms from the big strapon, but Ashley quickly has him begging 4 more.

“This is how u`re supposed 2 use a cock…”

She fucks him on his back n tell him 2 stroke his own cock, but tells him he’s not allowed 2 cum. “It’s about her pleasure, not yours!”

Then she flips him over and gives him the sweet dick from behind. She sensually fucks him until he’s twitching from pleasure, and dying 2 release. She grabs the vibrator n pushes is hard into his taint while she fucks him driving him crazy.

“U are enjoying this way too much! Stand up!”

She pulls her big strapon out of his ass…

2 be continued…

Keywords: Femdom, Pegging, Strapon, Lingerie

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