How Mean Can We Be?

How Mean Can We Be?

Sometimes its just fun 2 MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY, and VERBALLY torment losers. Just because we`re so hot n we know we can say or do anything we want – and a loser like this will LET us. (He BETTER! Coz we wont even talk 2 him at ALL if he doesn’t! LOL!) So me and Cindi just toally rip him 2 shreds. And he kneels before us – where he BELONGS – and takes it like the little bitch he is. He knows he is LUCKY just 2 be allowed in out presence! No matter HOW bad we abuse him… haha.

Empress Jennifer

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom, Young Mistress, Empress Jennifer, Princess Cindi, Humiliation, Verbal Humiliation

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