Humiliating Break Up w Mary Jane

Humiliating Break Up w Mary Jane

Mary Jane is wearing a really short tight skirt n blue tights. She is bouncing around n giggling while texting someone when her boy friend asks her what is going on. She tells him that she is texting a hot guy that she really wants 2 fuck, and he is shocked…

Mary Jane is not pleased with the relationship or the sex, and she is leaving him. She humiliates him a little verbally while he begs her to stay, then she tells him that she will be nice and let him fuck her pantyhose before she leaves him forever. She knows he has a pantyhose fetish, and thinks it will hilarious to watch him try to get off by fucking her pantyhose covered thighs while she sets her her next lay.

She sticks her feet his face and in his mouth to stop his begging n continues 2 tease n degrade him while he desperately tries 2 get off, rubbing his cock raw on her nylons. When he stops sucking on her feet, she spreads her legs n watches him beg her to let him keep fucking her pantyhose, and agree to keep worshipping her feet.

Just when he is about to cum, she cruelly leaves him with blue balls as pre-cum is dripping on her blue tights…

Mary Jane is on the phone with one of her friends, telling her about how much of loser her ex is. She tells her friend that he would do anything to have her back. He would probably even let her kick him in the balls over n over…

She walks up on Lance, and tells him that she wants him to prove to her how much he loves her, so he needs 2 spread his legs. He reluctantly does, and she knees him hard, dropping him. She makes him get back up and spread n take hard kicks and knees until he is broken. While he is down she makes him strip down naked while she puts her feet in his face.

Mary Jane wants to know if her loser can even cum with broken balls, after she just made him spread his legs n take a bunch of hard kicks n knees. She lubes up his cock and strokes him off, humiliating him verbally until he finally blows his last load with her all over her gray tights, then she leaves him forever.

Keywords: Femdom, Handjob, Cum On Leggings, Humiliation, Ballbusting, Jean Shorts, Pantyhose, Footworship

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