Humiliating Loser Sharpie JOI

Humiliating Loser Sharpie JOI

I need you to do two things for me, jerk that pathetic dick of yours and write all over that disgusting body to humiliate yourself for me. Really quite simple, even for a mindless jerk junkie like you. So I am sure you are already for the 1st thing I asked, your hand on your dick, stroking to my instructions. And for the second part, you are going to need a sharpie. A nice, big, fat black marker. Youre going to write all over that useless body of yours while you jerk, and it’s going to make you so fucking hard. Your only use is to entertain me.

So keep jerking, and let’s get ready for the fun part. I want to see how covered with words I can get you by the end of this clip. So grab your marker and write, ‘Loser’ on your forehead. Then look at yourself. You must be a loser to be sitting there jerking on your dick n writing Loser on yourself. I want to really fucking humiliate u. So I want you to write ‘Fuck’ on one side of your mouth and ‘Hole’ on the other. LOL! Do it with an arrow pointing to your mouth because your mouth is a little fuck hole! And I don’t care if u are not gay, if you don’t want a cock, I’ll fuck your mouth with my strapon bitch! See now you are a loser fuckhole.

Now take your marker and on your chest I want you to write, ‘Im Goddess Lacey’s Jerk Junkie’. Your body is a huge blank canvas for me. Write it nice n big. You are my little loser fuck hole jerk junkie. I’ll bet u are so hard by now. Desecrating your body for me. Everything I am having you write on yourself is true. You’re addicted to me n to jerking your dick and to obeying whatever comes out of my mouth.

Now I want you to write something on your dick, ‘Useless’. Because you know for a fact that your cock is useless. No one wants it. But you already knew that, that’s why u are here, jerking off and writing humiliating stupid words all over your body like a fucking loser. And just for fun, I want you to write on your ass cheeks, “Fuck My Ass”. LOL!

Look at yourself in the mirror as you jerk off. I know this has you so horny. But there’s one las thing you must do for me, I want pictures, lots of pictures.

Princess Lacey

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