Humiliation POV Princess Lacey: Therapy and Brain Rewiring For Masturbation Addicts

Humiliation POV Princess Lacey: Therapy and Brain Rewiring For Masturbation Addicts

This is a therapy clip for true jerk junkies. Or maybe more of a rewiring, than therapy, because some of you jerk addicts think it’s ok for u to try n live a normal life and be a normal person. But you will never ever be a normal person. You have a disease and it’s called chronic masturbation. And the 1st step to living with your disorder is accepting it. Admit it to me and yourself. Admit it, youre addicted to masturbating. Yes, it is very pathetic but you already knew that.

You are here to learn more about yourself and you know there’s no better way than to have a goddess tell you directly. So listen up freak, youre an addict. You will never get healthy. So you need to abide by every word I say. I know you are jerking your dick right now because you can’t help yourself, you can’t keep your hands off of that stupid dick while you stare at a sexy Goddess like me. No of course you can’t. And it’s ok, you can stroke bitch because I know you can’t help yourself.

But you can help yourself by stop trying to be normal. Embrace the fact that you are a masturbation addict. I need you locked in your room, masturbating constantly. It’s what you want anyway, so just do it, stop trying to live life, stop having friends, stop talking to family, and stop going out. It’s going to be a lonely life but you’ll be happy because you love jerking to hot bitchy girls who truly hate you. You fucking need it. U are a loser, I mean anyone who can’t stop masturbating constantly is really a loser.

Youre here to learn from me that you are a true chronic masturbator. And you will stay locked in your room, jerking off, like a good little addict. You need to feel that high, you need your fix. Your high comes from jerking that dick. You just love that orgasmic high. Stare n stroke like the addict youre. You know there is no recovery because these clips will never stop. There’s no help for you. There’s no way to avoid your addiction, it will never go away.

Worship and stroke and become a mindless, sexless drone. This is the therapy you need, the perfect rewiring. Stroke n stroke and stroke, like the fiend you are. You will never fuck again, just embrace your disease n don’t stop stroking.

Princess Lacey

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