I’ll fuck u if your balls survive

I'll fuck u if your balls survive

Kelly recently offered her slave an opportunity 4 a blow job if he could take 20 hits to the balls, and he failed. Now’s she back with a better offer: 20 hits 2 the balls and SHE”LL FUCK HIM. She looks ridiculously hot in fishnets, pig-tails n black tape over her nipples. Needless 2 say, the slave cannot take the abuse n gives up. Kelly tells him that he obviously needs his balls removed, because all they do is cause him pain. “Why would u want 2 keep them?” she says as she hurts him again. This was all a ploy 2 convince her slave that he really needs to be Nutted, and it will likely work. He is left on the ground in agony after kicks, stomps, knees, squeezes, and of course the worst blue balls in the history of man after her brutal teasing.

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting

306 mb
8 min

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