I Make These Videos To Mindfuck And Mentally Damage You

I Make These Videos To Mindfuck And Mentally Damage You

Its pretty self absorbed of you to think that I make these videos for you. Do u think I really sit around thinking about what your cock is going to enjoy? Like I give a fuck! LOL! I have much more of a life than you losers could ever dream of. I am honestly way too busy to even think about u except for the few minutes that I sit down to make these videos. And then as soon as Im done Im on to something else in my day, probably something more important. And lets be honest, you losers send me money all the time, its not like I need to make these videos for you. Its not like I care about you at all.

Do you want to know the real reason I keep making these clips, and the reason you keep coming back for more? I know that every time you see a new clip from me your cock gets instantly hard. But I dont care about your hard ons, I do this because I have so many sadistic thoughts that I need an outlet for all the abuse that I want to do to little losers like you. I want to dole out so much verbal humiliation that I actually hurt you with my words. I do this to hurt you, mentally. Making these clips is what I want to do, this is what turns me on. Knowing how much I am in your head.

I come up with all these twisted little fantasies about how I want to torture you little bitches. You online chronic masturbating freaks. Its so easy really. And I find it quite amusing and gratifying when I open up my email n see all these messages from freaks like you whos heads Ive fucked up so badly. I love hearing the anguish in your words, and seeing all the humiliating photos that you take for me. Thats why I make these clips, because every fucked up thought or idea I have only mindfucks you more. It only contributes to your addiction to me. It only adds to this fantasy of yours of being my mind fucked pet.

If I wanted I could stop making these clips, because while its fun, I dont need to. But that might send you losers into withdrawal. Not that I care, Id probably find that even more amusing knowing how desperate and fucked up you`re, desperate to hear something new from me, as I completely ignore u n go about my life, never thinking about you again. But you, you wouldnt stop thinking about me. The longer Id go without making a clip the more desperate youd become. You need me, you need to me to get inside your mind and tell you who youre. Because face it, you dont know who u`re without me. All that you`re is a little humiliation junkie.

If I stop making clips I know Id starting getting tons of emails begging me to please come back. Youd send me cash along with your begging too. I know u would. Youd beg me to make just one more clip. And I like having that power over you. I make you weaker than anyone else can, even in my absence. I am so deep in your head youll never be able to stop obsessing over me.

Princess Kelly Sunshine

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