I want to stomp your balls until they pop

I want to stomp your balls until they pop

Kelly Rockstone has had another Revelation. She hasn’t stomped your balls enough. This starts as POV, talking 2 u about how bad n how hard she wants to stomp on your balls. “Do u think I can make them pop?!”

She looks incredible in a pink teddy n nude pantyhose. She stomps and laughs n smiles and is thrilled about the idea of possibly popping your balls

The clip ends with her actually stomping a slaves balls n him begging her 2 stop. She stomps while sitting, kicks, and then stands up and puts weight on his poor balls in two different positions, smiling that adorable smile the whole time.

Keywords: Talking, Pantyhose, Teddy, Free, Femdom, POV

306 mb
8 min

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