I Will Eat U Alive

I Will Eat U Alive

Clip begins with u sitting in front of camera: U want 2 eat, but u want two men 2 eat. So, u look at the man sitting in front of u, (this is the egg) u say 2 him, U look very tasty, but I need more than just one little man 2 eat, I`m going 2 eat u, but not yet. U then look into camera n say, I will call his friend n eat him too. Then U reach into front pocket n take out cell phone, pretend 2 call his brother n tell him, I have your brother here with me, and if u do not come over here, I will have him 4 my dinner. U pause n then say, Yes, that’s right, I am going 2 eat him. Then U place the phone back in pocket & grab the 1st tiny man (this is the egg) up in hands, u lick lips hungrily n grow eyes big, u tell him, Now that your brother is coming, I am going 2 eat u… ALIVE, then just gobble him down. Now, after u have eaten the 1st man (the egg), his brother knocks on door, u smile wide n say, Ah, my dinner is here. U welcome him in n set him down on table (this is now the chicken leg). U have already eaten the 1st man, his brother, which was the egg. U comment how tasty he was. U tell him, No, I`m not going 2 let u go, u`re much fatter than he is n u will make a very tasty dinner 4 me. U begin 2 laugh n lick him all over, with each lick, u get hungrier. Finally when u can stand it no longer, u tell him (just like cat clip), I am going 2 eat u. Then sink teeth into him n eat him alive.

Keywords: Fetish, Femdom POV, Food Stuffing, Eating, Mouth Fetish

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