If I win, I get to keep your balls

If I win, I get to keep your balls

JC is waiting 4 Lance to get home from work. She wants to play a card game with him when he gets home. She’s going to pull a card from the deck, and whatever number it is, that’s how many times she’s going 2 kick him in the balls. If she pulls a face card, she’ll take off an article of clothing. All she is wearing is blue leggings, a tank top n sports bra, so he might actually have a chance 2 get her naked…………….

She is such a good sweet talker, and such a hard kicker, Lance is in big trouble, he really thinks she’s going 2 get naked…………

When he thinks he can’t take it anymore, she raises the stakes: If he get’s one more face card, he can fuck her, but if he gets one more numbers card, she’s going 2 cut his balls off and put them in a plaque on her wall…

Begging gets him no where….

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Kicking, Knees, Leggings, Tease And Denial

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