If U Cum Ill Neuter U

If U Cum Ill Neuter U

I Was going through some old hard drives and I came across this footage of Kelly Rockstone having sex with the slave. It must have gotten lost in the shuffle, as we were filming day and night back then….

Kelly is wearing sexy panties, electric tape over her little nipples n pigtails. She tells the slave it’s his lucky day, but that she can cum, but he can’t, and if he does, she’s going 2 have him nutted.

Kelly fucks him so sweetly, and demands that he fucks her so hard that he can’t help from cumming. She makes him fuck her in a few different positions, then finally pulls the cum out of his cock while he’s doing her from behind, and she’s grinding her hips from side 2 side. He tries as hard as he can 2 hold back, but she just smiles n moves her sexy ass until it’s over… Really hot clip!

Keywords: Femdom, Ball slaps, Cuckold

646 mb
18 min

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