Ignoring the Perv

Ignoring the Perv

Rachel DD is talking on the phone with one her her girlfriends when her pervert loser boyfriend walks in, naked, with a boner. She barely acknoleges him, and starts making fun of him 2 her friend on the phone. Rachel tells her friend how pathetic he is, and how she is just using him 4 money, and how she never ever would let him fuck her… Her boyfriend continues 2 jerk himself off while Rachel ignores him n talks about him like is isn’t even there. As he gropes her n jerks is own cock, she just says more humiliating things about him 2 her girlfriend. Eventually he gets so worked up he cums all over her. Rachel gets a little mad, and tells her girlfriend to come over 2 help her Nut her loser boyfriend. This was the last straw, Rachel and her girlfriends are going chop off his balls now…

Keywords: Femdom, Ignoring, Shiny Pantyhose, Cum On Nylons, Leotard, High Heels, Humiliation, Emasculation Talk

590 mb
7 min

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