I`m Slave, Part 2

I`m Slave, Part 2

The reason this introduction 2 femdom is only a two part clip is because Katy caught on really fast! Clearly she is a dominant women on the inside, and with Jennifer’s help that is now fully exposed on the outside as she is introduced 2 the cock shocker. I always love the look of glee on a girls face the 1st time she uses the cock shocker, when she realizes she can deliver instant pain to his cock with just a mere button press. That’s all it took n now Katy is hooked, ready to inflict all sorts of pain n punishment on men everywhere. We have filmed a bunch more with her and oh boy does she step up the torture level, but 4 now enjoy this part 2 of her introduction 2 femdom!

Part 1

Keywords: Femdom, MAS, CBT, Humiliation, Empress Jennifer, Free, Jennifer, Empress, Electric Play, Ballshocker

960 mb
10 min

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