Inferior Couple (1080 HD)

Inferior Couple (1080 HD)

U WISH your wife looked like ME, don’t u? Too bad. Don’t worry, u could have never had me anyway LOL. I am SOOO out of your league! But u know what u CAN do? WORSHIP Me. That’s right. KNEEL before me n GROVEL at my feet. If you worship me as your superior, I MAY allow u in my life… U will also need to shower me with gifts. And MONEY. I may even put you on an allowance LOL. That’s right – I will decide how much of “your” money u`ll get each month! And u know what? Just because your wife married U, that makes her inferior as well. So I will want u 2 explain to her where all your money is going – and I want BOTH of you to serve n worship ME! And if she doesn’t like it, now here is how this is going 2 work… – U will both be stored chained up in my basement like property. – U will WORSHIP me on my throne in regularly scheduled rituals! – U`ll PRAISE me constantly 4 being superior to BOTH of u fat, ugly losers n THANK me 4 allowing u in my life! – U`ll open online businesses… and give ALL the $$ to ME! I will feed u scraps – if at all! LOL-You will do ANYTHING I say! – I may even position the two of u as “human furniture” in my home when I have parties 4 my superior, hot friends – just to humiliate both of u n show off n entertain my friends! – U`ll literally do ANYTHING I say, worship me as your GOD, and give me ALL of your $$$!!! (BOTH of you!!)-I might even whore your wife out on a street corner and take 100% of whatever her fat ass can ear 4 me! Haha.

Domina Nina Elle

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom POV, POV, Free, Nina Elle, Home Wrecker, Humiliation, Human Furniture

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