Insurance For Your Balls

Insurance For Your Balls

JC has made an appointment with some loser 2 sell him some insurance. She walks into his home, and he is sitting around in his underwear. He forgot about the appointment. He tries to blow her off, and JC is not having it.

She immediately gets his attention by putting her high heel on his cock, and then starts busting up his balls. He is scared, but somewhat enticed by the way she is being so seductive and flirty when she isn’t ramming his balls into his stomach…

She is wearing a very tight, short dress, shiny black tights n high heels. He is putty in her hands (and legs) as she throws him around, busting his balls in many different positions, teasing him the whole time…

JC makes it clear that she doesn’t care about closing this insurance deal, she just wants 2 have her fun with him. She finishes him with a sexy scissor hold (and a testicle hold at the same time) but she will be back to play with him soon…

She comes back 2 torment this loser some more. His is stay laid out on the floor as she walks upon him in her fishnets to wake him up with her high heels.

She squeezes n slaps his balls a lot in this clip, keeping him subdued with face sitting n smothering the whole time. She knows how bad he wants 2 fuck her, and she loves it, be loves breaking his balls even more.

Keywords: Femdom, Facesitting, Ballbusting, Ball Squeezing, Fishnets, High Heels, Tease And Denial, Free

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20 min

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