It’s Emasculation Day

It's Emasculation Day

Nikki has a slave tied up on her couch. She’s wearing a tight black leotard, grey pantyhose, white socks and she’s playing with his cock n balls with her feet. She teases him, and grinds his dick n balls with her feet while she talks about how the time has come 4 him to lose his balls. She stands up 2 tease him with her body, which is extra cruel because now he’ll never have a woman again. From a stand, she puts more weight on his cock, and his balls with her pretty sock covered feet while she talks about smashing his balls into nothing with a rubber hammer. The rubber hammer would take a long time and would be very painful, and she’s really looking forward to it. “After I am done with u, u’ll be a girl :)

Keywords: Femdom, Emasculation Talk, Pantyhose, Black Leotard

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