IWantFeet – We Can’t Cheer If We Fail

IWantFeet – We Can’t Cheer If We Fail

Another just ridiculously HOT scene you definitely want to check out! Sasha n Paris are failing professor Alexandra’s class. If they don’t get the grades up they’ll lose their spot on the cheer squad. This just can’t be allowed to happen. Using some information they’d heard about their, apparently, naughty professor and her secret desires, they pay her a visit to get some extra credit. Alexandra tells the girls at 1st they should’ve done the work. Kneeling before her submissively they begin to caress her feet. Alexandra pulls back but the girls persist. Removing her heels they begin to 1st smell her stinky stockings and then as Alexandra begins to waiver in her resistance they start to worship a bit. This pretty much renders the professor helpless. Now she can’t resist n wants the young co-eds to give her what she desires anyway. Kneeling on the chair the girls go to town on her bare soles but just for a moment. Paris peels off n moves up to further seduce the professor by making out passionately with her. After a while Sasha trades places while Paris devours Alexandra’s other foot and she makes out with the professor. They ask if they’ve done enough. Alexandra is willing to pass them but to get an “A” is gonna take more. The girls then each take a foot and do something that no professor could resist. They hit her with dual vibrators at the same time while continuing to devour her feet. Alexandra is in heaven and eventually explodes with a nice big orgasm. This was the right step but Alexandra loves to get her hands on sexy young girls’ feet and so Paris n Sasha kneel together on the chair side by side while the professor eats all four feet. Alexandra is fair though and takes both of the vibrators n begins to vibrate both girls simultaneously. Once they are all hot she goes at them one at a time giving each girl a nice big orgasm as she devours their respective feet. In the end everyone is very happy as the girls get their grade n Alexandra knows she’s got a lock on two pairs of sexy feet when she wants!

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