Jasmine Mendez Wants Your Balls

Jasmine Mendez Wants Your Balls

U`re jerking off on the floor n Jasmine Mendez is watching u. She is wearing a sexy little dress, high heels n fishnets. She teases u with her cleavage n big beautiful ass, encouraging u 2 keep jerking off.

“U know that as soon as u cum, I am going 2 kick u hard in the balls… :)”

She smiles n seduces u into a trance. U`re trying not 2 cum, so u can enjoy your perversion, but she just wants u 2 blow your load fast, so she can get 2 kicking u in your sensitive nuts.

Jasmine knows u won’t be able to hold out long. As soon as u cum, she stands over u, comments on the mess u’ve made all over yourself, and says, “It’s time 4 me 2 kick u in the balls…”

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting Talk, Jerk Off Instruction, Big Booty, Big Tits, Teasing, Seduction, Cleavage, Fishnets, Heels, Femdom POV

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