Jenna and Jennifer – Humiliate an Asian Foot Slave (1080 HD)

Jenna and Jennifer – Humiliate an Asian Foot Slave (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Jenna and Jennifer have a teacher they especially dont like. They call him Mr. Dim Sum. They think its really funny 2 humiliate him by making him lick the dirt n sweat off of their feet. Jenna makes Mr. Dim Sum put her stinky socks in his mouth. Jennifer is impressed with how big his mouth is! She thinks it might be able to even fit both of their feet at once. Jenna is very mean to Mr. Dim Sum. She makes some racially humiliating comments. Jennifer n Jenna are in fact able to fit both of their feet in Dim Sums mouth. Jennifer tells Dim Sum to lie on the floor and she tramples him. Jennifer shoves her foot 2 the back of Dim Sums throat while she is trampling him. Jenna makes Mr. Dim Sum bark like a little bitch n play fetch with chopsticks. When Dim Sum Brings back the chopsticks, Jenna makes him pick up the sock with them and eat it. This is an especially mean and humiliating clip.

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610 mb
12 min

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