Jenna – Brat Punches Balls and Jerks Dick (1080 HD)

Jenna – Brat Punches Balls and Jerks Dick (1080 HD)

This is a cruel, very bratty handjob. Jenna Ivory has a slave immobilized in the cock guillotine. She quickly jerks its dick. As the cock gets hard, she verbally degrades n humiliates the slave. Jenna starts slapping the slaves balls against the wood backing of the cock guillotine. It is very painful for the slave, but its cock gets harder. Jenna aggressively jerks the dick. You can tell from the slaves breathing that it is being edged on the verge of orgasm for most of the clip. When the slave goes quiet, Jenna slaps its balls some more. The slave starts to cum. Mid sentence, Jenna drops its cock, like a rock star dropping a microphone. She walks out of the room n leaves the slave alone, its cock absolutely weeping cum from the ruined orgasm Jenna Ivory has just given it.

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299 mb
6 min

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