Jennifer and Jenna – Slap and Spit on Janitor (1080 HD)

Jennifer and Jenna – Slap and Spit on Janitor (1080 HD)

Jennifer n Jenna walk up 2 their lockers n find a stupid janitor cleaning the floors. Empress Jennifer reminds him how he is supposed 2 greet girls here. He has to get on his knees n kiss their shoes. The girls think he is so ugly n stupid. They start slapping his face harder n harder. Its their right as hot girls. They can slap ugly males faces. The old male janitor is utterly humiliated by these brats. They slap his face n spit on his face n mouth. He is forced 2 thank them for the attention he is getting from pretty girls. The only attention a loser like this would get from pretty girls would be to be slapped n spit on. This clip is absolutely brutal. Jennifer spits on the floor n makes the janitor lick it up off the floor. Another Brat Princess classic video!

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490 mb
10 min

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