Jennifer POV – Findom Curious

Jennifer POV – Findom Curious

Jennifer knows u`re Findom curious. She wants you to know its ok. Its perfectly normal for someone like you to want to spoil someone like Her. Once you start spending money n Jennifer starts getting happy, youll realize how amazing it is. After a while youll tribute more n more, and Jennifer will just get happier n happier! Its not hard to tribute. And its not hard to know what Jennifer wants. Shes made a wish list! Isnt that easy? Now, at first u might feel a little sting in your wallet. But that discomfort goes away. Youll be conditioned to get used to it. Jennifer is a Princess. A Princess should be happy. You`re the perfect person to make Her happy. You have money. You have a wallet. All you need to do is just open up your wallet n give Her the money. Feeling rinsed n drained will become the best feeling in the world to you. Go ahead. Give in to your Findom curiosity.

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom POV, POV, Empress Jennifer, Free, Financial Domination, Brat Princess 2, Findom, Free, Wallet Rinse, Empress, Jennifer, Dirty Talk

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